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A church service was held in St. Cronan's Church, Balla at 4pm on 2nd August 2014. Many of the past students and their family attended the mass.  Amongst these was one of the former teachers of the school. 

Payers of the faithful and readings. 

Prison School-4-2.JPGPrison%20School-4-2 Prison School Reunion Mass-6.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-6 Prison School Reunion Mass-11.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-11 1407952477395   Prison School Reunion Mass-15.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-15   1407965407375 Prison School Reunion Mass-18.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-18 Prison School Reunion Mass-19.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-19
Prison School Reunion Mass-20.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-20

One of the gifts brought to the altar was a former Roll Book.

Prison School-11.JPGPrison%20School-11
Prison School Reunion Mass-22.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-22 Prison School Reunion Mass-26.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-26 Prison School Reunion Mass-25.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-25 1407965601771 1407965623916 Prison School Reunion Mass-30.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-30
Prison School Reunion Mass-35.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-35
Prison School Reunion Mass-36.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-36
Prison School Reunion Mass-39.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-39
Prison School Reunion Mass-40.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-40
Prison School Reunion Mass-41.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-41
Prison School Reunion Mass-42.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-42
Prison School Reunion Mass-43.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-43
Prison School Reunion Mass-44.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-44
Prison School Reunion Mass-45.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-45
Prison School Reunion Mass-47.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-47
Prison School Reunion Mass-48.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-48
Prison School Reunion Mass-50.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-50
Prison School Reunion Mass-51.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-51
Prison School Reunion Mass-52.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-52
Prison School Reunion Mass-53.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-53
Prison School Reunion Mass-54.JPGPrison%20School%20Reunion%20Mass-54
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My First Wedding.
My First Wedding.
I will never forget when I was asked to do my first wedding. Of course I was as nervous as hell, who wouldn't be; after all it’s not an occasion you could ask every one back to do again.  It was a family wedding so there was some comfort in that.
I was using a Fuji-Film FinePix S602 ZOOM and the bride’s father’s camera as well set to take all my B+W photos. If only I knew then, what I know now. I could have done such a better job. All the same the Bride and Groom were happy with all the photos they got which were the main thing.
I had created the inside of the mass booklets, photos and the DVD of the wedding. How I got it all done I can’t remember but I did. I was given the video footage of the wedding and mixed it with my photographs along with the music played on the day. Maybe that made up for all the mistakes I made.
So what did I do right on the day well I planned it. I searched the net talked to the Bride regarding what she wanted and what was happening so I knew when I could take the photos. I had a list of the service with me so I was ready for any photo opportunities and because I had created the mass booklets I had a better insight to the whole event.

I got some great photos on the day the bride leaving her room coming down the stairs, the groom in the pub with all the groomsmen. 
wedding day (18)
 wedding day (33)b

What I missed out on was these were not thought through properly for me. I hadn't planned for these shots and they could have been done better if I had.
The other mistake I had made was not paying enough attention to what people were doing and giving them better or more direction.
But I had learned two things from this wedding.
  •                             Be prepared
  •                             My style (reportage / documentary style photography)
J&PWED (47)
wedding day (338)b
wedding day (79)
I was complimented on the fact that there were a lot of natural photos taken on the day people in their own element and not posing for me.   But of course I also had directed the posing for the camera too.

I often wonder if my first wedding was family would it have gone so well or would it have been a complete disaster. So I have to thank Joanne and Phil for the opportunity they gave me in capturing their wedding, it was a pleasure and great learning experience. 
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Welcome For our very first Blog here we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to check out our website.

Thank you very much. 

My name is Stephen and I am the co-founder of ANIM-photography along with Matt Nolan.

(If You have wondered what does ANIM stand for well here it is Ansbro Nolan Inter Media.)

Hope fully we should have some more Blogs on here soon and we look forward to seeing you on here. 


Thank you

Stephen Ansbro.

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